A party of people, with love and passion for the good food and ancient flavors, that remind days spent with their grandparents in the countryside, established in 2012, at Mercato S. Severino in the south of Italy, ITALIA SAPORITA (
Every day we devotedly promote the passion for the taste and the well-being through healthy and tasty diet.
The skill of the handicraftsmen and the art of the chefs, always it has allowed to Italy to be known in the world for the goodness and quality of food. Our target is to give a further boost to the small firms that manufacture Italian products through craft systems.
We want together our partners to create an important gastronomic area; our daily mission is to find the best products considering a good balance between quality and price, innovation and tradition.
The e-commerce constantly offers, in the market, quality and new products; on our website, it is possible to buy typical, original and traditional products: flavored extra virgin olive oil, liquors, legumes, craft beers, wines, special jams, pickled, food creams, seafood and excellent kind of “pasta”
ITALIA SAPORITA offers high quality products that will be common point between producers and consumers, which have chosen to keep up the quality of their lives.